Steve Reich - Tehillim (opening duet with alto Heather Cairncross)

Henry Priestman - Chronicles of Modern Life

James MacMillan - Since it was the Day of Preparation

Berio - Laborintus 11 (live in concert)

Thomas Morse - Kounterpoint I - studio recording with Jody Jenkins

Thomas Morse - Kounterpoint II - studio recording with Jody Jenkins

Dmitri Tymoczko - Fools and Angels

Example - You Can't Rap (imitating a recording of a slightly ropey Eastern European opera singer – language unknown!)

These New Puritans - Inside The Rose

Sarah Kirkland Snider – Stanzas in Meditation (duet with Amanda Morrison)

Micaela Haslam

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“Micaela was inspiring from the 1st call. I still don't know where she pulled out some of those lines from.....especially given the racket going on around her! "  (NM)


“Micaela ‘one-take’ Haslam”   (HP)


“impeccable intonation”   (DS)


“you sing like an angel”   (SM)


“I am so damn happy with this recording, I just couldn't love it more.  Everyone who has heard it has raved about how exquisite your voice is, and how well it suits the piece”   (SKS)


“From beautiful ethereal singing to full-on angry pop, and a bit of gentle folk thrown in for good measure. I can’t recommend her highly enough”  (HP)